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Albany Sleep Clinic and CPAP Services began servicing the Great Southern Region in 2005. Proprietor, Vicki Ronayne had a key objective  to provide a community service to sleep apnoea patients which allowed them to seek advice and have the convenience of obtaining equipment parts locally.

It then became apparent to Vicki that the region needed more than this and that a fully supported Clinic, including a Sleep Specialist was what was needed. This would mean local diagnostics and a visiting Physician specialising in sleep apnoea. In early 2006, Dr Helen Bell was approached to trial a patient consultation clinic in Albany. March 2006 the first patient consultation took place and since has  become a regular Sleep Apnoea clinic.

The Clinic now services patients throughout the Great Southern region, providing diagnostic sleep apnoea testing, professional support and general patient care by qualified health professionals.


To provide personalised ongoing support for patients with sleep apnoea and offer the best professional service.


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Hayley, Andrea, Vicki, Sonia


Vicki Ronayne

Team Leader, Proprietor, CPAP Clinician 

Hayley de Jager

EST. 2011

CPAP Clinician 

Andrea Page

EST. 2016

Reception, she conducts Sleep Studies and is currently in training to become a CPAP clinician 

Sonia Andriotti

EST. 2017

reception and conducts sleep studies



In 2005, I, [Vicki Ronayne] had a vision. That vision was to support people with Sleep Apnoea in the Albany and great southern region. Initially I operated from a small space within my husbands community pharmacy. It was from this small space that I was able to offer Sleep Apnoea & CPAP advice and soon introduced the convenience of obtaining CPAP equipment locally by stocking a small range of CPAP equipment.

I soon realised there was the need for a fully supported clinic and with a lot of hard work, sleepless nights and determination the Albany Sleep Clinic was born. In 2006 Dr Helen Bell joined the team as the Sleep Physician. Dr Bell began a trial for a patient consultation clinic which proved most successful. I was now able to offer overnight diagnostic sleep studies as well as CPAP trials and equipment sales.

The clinic has since undergone many changes but all have been to allow our services to grow and improve. In 2015 the Albany Sleep Clinic moved out of the pharmacy rooms and into our new purpose built rooms. We have worked hard to find ways to assist patients who are financially disadvantaged or need specialised assistance. We currently work with various organisations to provide services and equipment for our patients.


  • Amity Health for Aboriginal Health

  • DVA (Department of Veteran Affairs)

  • The Public Fund scheme for concessional patients

  • Anglicare

Now, in 2018 our team has grown to enable us to grow with our community, and we have many new and exciting plans on the horizon.

At Albany Sleep Clinic you can be sure that all of our staff are hands on, well experienced, friendly, compassionate and professional. We as a team endeavour to provide the community with the best possible service and promise to let you be heard.

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